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Marketing in Asia Top Secret Recipe
Web Localization
Don’t assume everyone in Asia understands English. We create websites that can be localized in the languages of your choice.
three dashes SEO in non-English Languages
Are your key word search terms in the local language? We have the expertise to optimize your website for non-English search engines.
three dashes Publicity, Press Releases and Social Media in Asia
Have your press releases written in the Asian language of your choice. Use social media in the local lingo. We know how to get you attention from local press and bloggers.
three dashes Customized CMS Multi-language Systems
Our custom CMS system is localizable from the get-go so your Net presence can grow into multiple languages and regions.
three dashes Where Your Product Set Fits
Your Products and services :)
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LakeOMedia is a Good Business Partner
A programming/promotion partner with solid international experience is your foundation to marketing success.
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